onsdag, augusti 01, 2007

nordic answers

in anticipation of the NORDIC PANORAMA FILM FESTIVAL 2007, where "THE WALK" (Swedish title "VÄSENPUMPEN") has been selected to screen at the newly founded NEW NORDIC VOICES section, a poll has been submitted to all of the participating directors. below are my answers to their questions. if nothing else, it can always fill up some much needed blog space...

1. How do you see the present state of short film in Scandinavia?
I believe the quality to be very cyclical. Periodically, the films are either strong in regard to subject matter, but flawed regarding the form. It is seldom that these two factors are combined flawlessly. But that could of course also be said about the majority of feature length films.

2. How has it changed in the past years?
The so-called "digital revolution" has created an abundance of handheld crap in short films. This, in combination with an overuse of cuts, has shaped the audiences views on short film as something that is not so much an artform, but rather a medium. But, again, the same could be said about the independant feature film scene.

3. In your oppinion, what is the future of short film in Scandinavia?
Short films will always be an intermediary stop on ones way to feature film production. However, there are tendencies that indicates that young directors will be forced to stay in the "short film swamp" much longer than before, having to do short after short before they are entrusted to helm a feature film production. The ledge to feature films have been raised due to fear of failure.

4. Anything else you want to mention about the subject?
Short film production is a messy and complicated affair. There is a concrete lack of profit, and the directors are usually forced to make compromise after compromise. But there´s a point to all of this - if you manage to get through these first, frustrating years, then it is more or less inevitable that you will be able to get to your feature sooner or later - and you will be bloody well equipped for it in regards to experiences and a preferential no-bullshit mentality. Don't give up. If you do, you never deserved to do that feature anyway. Harsch, but true.

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