söndag, juni 15, 2008

half of IK2 - rahban and barbara musil

making the poor choice of leaving halfway through due to some severe sleeping needs, I still managed to catch the highly sad, captivating, serene and authentic documentary drama "RAHBAN" ("RAILWAYMAN" by NASER NASERPOUR. showing us a lone railroad worker in the middle of nowhere, tending to his hand-working duties on his assigned stretch of railroad, is an instant human classic. when asked what the 40-something man would have done if he had gotten a chance to do something else than working with what he does, he replies: "Riding trains. I have never done that". gut-wrenching, indeed.

in terms of graphic brilliance and social conscience, BARBARA MUSIL's "MARKET SENTIMENTS" shows us a world where landlines and ownership is questioned when shown from above, making us realise that the only lines that are drawn in nature are the ones drawn by man. thoughtful.

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