söndag, juni 15, 2008

IK3 - ryba, reto caffi and roeland wiesnekker

ALEXANDER KOTT´s "RYBA" ("THE FISH") opens with some truly great cinematography, and continues down an iconographic path as it tells a story which takes place in a snowy tundra-world on the Russian plains where time is no longer visiting. KOTT manages to be both poetic and hands-on at the same time. a guaranteed talkie amongst the jury members. my own film "87" screened in this section, and my own sentiments about the films qualities aside, the actual screening was probably the best screening yet in terms of colour and projection. CATILINA is a great screening temple.

another tale of childhood, this time Latvian, can be seen in "UGUNS" ("FIRE") by LAILA PAKALNINA. cinematography seems to be at the center of the neo-Russian short film wave, with an excellent sense of visual stylistics and image-based storytelling.

probably my favourite mid-length short film in a long time (what we in Sweden call "novellfilm", but which the rest of the world seems blissfully unaware off) is RETO CAFFI's "AUF DER STRECKE" ("ON THE LINE"). its main actor ROELAND WIESNEKKER does a very human and credible performance as a man whose conscience weighs him down.

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