måndag, april 07, 2008

arn halshuggs på AICN

nu börjar "ARN"-debaclet att nå omvärlden, och den rättmätiga slakten har inletts. filmsajten AIN`T IT COOL NEWS, mycket möjligen världens mest inflytelserika filmsajt, publicerar idag en recension av "ARN - TEMPELRIDDAREN" av signaturen "THE NORTHLANDER", själv svensk.

även om texten inte ger exempel på en utomståendes objektiva syn på svensk films presumptiva flaggskepp, så gör recensionen ändå gällande en blandning av nidbild och sanning om svensk film idag.

den bästa meningen lyder: "I have seen ARN: THE KNIGHT TEMPLAR, and it is evil."

samt, denna lilla paragrafen:

"Let me explain a little something about filmmaking in Sweden. Over here, there are no studios. Ever since 1963, the money comes from the government through the Swedish Film Institute, which through counselors decide what project gets funded or not, mostly based on how well it fills a list of criteria that defines what "quality cinema" is supposed to be based on. In practice, this works very similarly to the Ephor system in the movie 300. In other words; not very well.

It's hard to become established, because most of the people who do get funded are people who have been funded before or are friends/family with the decision makers.

slutklämmen är inte så illa, den heller:

"So I'm sitting there in the theatre watching this, thinking 'this is my tax money? This is what we get instead of a whole bunch of movies from hungry independent filmmakers eager to work? I know they're out there - I know a few of them, and in a way I'm one of them myself. Filmmakers who might actually make something new and put Swedish film on the map? THIS is quality cinema?'.

This thing cost 28 million US dollars to make - Sweden's most expensive production EVER. According to IMDb, after three weeks in theaters it had made the equivalent of 12,995,895 USD in Denmark, Norway and Sweden combined.

And this is the state of the Swedish film industry today.

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