fredag, juni 13, 2008

filmform a priori part 1

this morning, I sat in the PAN theatre, participating in the first lecture part of GUNNEL PETTERSON:s "FILMFORM A PRIORI 2008" series. this special section showcases experimental and non-narrative audiovisual works, stemming from FILMFORM, the Swedish archival-society, which also produces and distributes films in it catalogue. the section is thus a historical showcasing, exhibiting not only the archive´s huge collection, but also highlighting the energizing qualities of such films. in this first part, six short films were shown. on a personal level, two films stood out with their visionary elements: JAN W. MORTHENSONs "SUPERSONICS" from 1968 and "MY NAME IS OONA" by Swedish GUNVOR NELSON. the last mentioned film is a representative of the "poetic cinema" movement, but is also a highly viable example of a post-political film with propagandic tendencies. the repetetive audio-fauna is highly intoxicating and very brainwashing-esque. also "SUPERSONIC" exhibited repetitive functions, but in a more graphic form. in many ways, seeing a 1968 short film whose images are ripe with science-fiction elements, made the film seem more visionary than many of its modern successors. JAN W. MORTHENSON:s film thus has severy groovy tendencies. that, we like.

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