måndag, juni 16, 2008

IK4 - blackheart gang, luis cook and the process

the fourth short film block in the international section here in GRIMSTAD was mostly defined by the excellence of the animated pieces. SOUTH AFRICAN-based arts group THE BLACKHEART GANG impressed with their little "THE TALE OF HOW". with an almost far-Eastern adopted style, their strangely compelling world of otherwordly creations and childlike worlds managed to put a smile on this face.

equally joyous was LUIS COOK and AARDMAN ANIMATIONs "THE PEARCE SISTERS": a quirky tale of relationships on, so to speak, on the waters edge. offering more than just gorgeous animation, COOK delivers a tale that is often missing in short-fiction animation: a good story.

also screening in this block was one of my all-time favourite Swedish short films, "THE PROCESS" by rebel-filmmaker JONAS SELBERG AUGUSTSEN. I first had the chance to see the film at last years LILLA FILMFESTIVALEN I BÅSTAD, when SELBERG AUGUSTSEEN was awarded the prestigious BO WIDERBERG SCHOLARSHIP. to my great pleasure, the film was an even better experience this time around. a small bite of it can be seen here:

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