söndag, december 03, 2006

underskattade stallone

den hogst underskattade SYLVESTER STALLONE genomfor just nu en omfattande fraga-och-svara marathon pa fantastiska AINT IT COOL NEWS. en av hans skriftliga svar angaende delar av inspelningen av en av hans starkaste filmer, 'NIGHTHAWKS', visar pa hur absurd en filmproduktion kan vara ibland:

"The stunts in the film were pretty extraordinary because they were invented along the way. Running through the tunnels of an un-built subway station was very dangerous, but exciting and we were only given one hour to do it. So that made for an interesting evening.

Hanging from the cable car was probably one of the more dangerous stunts I was asked to perform because it was untested and I was asked to hold a folding Gerber knife in my left hand so if the cable were to snap, and I survived the 230 foot fall into the East River with its ice cold 8 mile an hour current, I could cut myself free from the harness because the cable when stretched out weighed more than 300 lbs. I tell you this because it's so stupid to believe that I would survive hitting the water so to go beyond that is absurd. So I actually thought the smart move would be to commit hari-kari on the way down and let the cards fold as they may.

P.S. Several years later this cable did snap while testing it on a 100lb bag of sand."

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