onsdag, januari 31, 2007

It's never easy [for me], because once you've opened that emotion, you've opened up a can of worms. You went there. It's in the now; you've done it. As much as you want to say, "It's an act," really, the whole reason for doing this is to be in the now. Moment to moment, it's all there and you're really there. I've found this year extremely hard to leave behind. I'm on the verge of emotional breakdown. I'll be watching my daughter or I'll be watching my sons or whatever, I'll be talking to somebody, I'll be watching a film, [and] boom, my emotions just come pouring; I just can't keep them down. Because I'm so in need of that to do the work that we're doing that I can't just turn it off and then walk away from it and then have to regroup to have to get back into that feeling. So I stay there. Not that I stay thinking about it, but emotionally I'm as vulnerable right now as I am when I'm working. It's not easy, because you're constantly emotionally taken aback by these feelings. I can't walk away from it anymore, so I don't try.

actor EDWARD JAMES OLMOS, in a recent interview with backstage.com, in regards to his acting method and ensuing performance in the brilliant "BATTLESTAR GALACTICA" re-invention series. his portrayal of ADMIRAL ADAMA has a complexity and weight to it that captivates even the most sci-fi hating illiterate. it´s not about space. it´s about humanity. read the entire interview (also featured and interviewed in a conversational style-piece, is actor MARY McDONNELL) HERE.

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