lördag, maj 05, 2007

motionless emotion

the English word 'emotion' holds a double meaning in relation to the art of cinema. on one hand, any form of emotion in an actors performance, a delicate framing, a supporting music que or a well placed cut, creates a resonance in the audience's reaction to its portrayal. but on a much more basic level, the very construct of the actual word 'emotion' signifies its importance to the cinematic elements: 'e' and, more importantly, 'motion'. when we feel, something is, quite evidently, in motion within ourselves. when an individual experiences an emotion, there is a factual transference between one sort of state of mind, to another: a form of flux. this, in turn, creates yet another movement, which is the consequence of the first one.

all movements echo and breed new patterns of movement. and, hopefully, a well deserved emotion, as well.

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