onsdag, september 26, 2007

new nordic voices award till csaba bene perlenberg

"It´s said that creativity grows from confusion. That moment when you don´t know what is coming next, what is waiting for you behind the next turn. - But when you're brave enough and able to follow your intuition it is very rewarding. The filmmaker has created a personal directing method that is challenging the actors and the crew in a creative process full of mutual trust. Taking your attention from the very first moment, keeping us there until the very end. A two kilometer one take masterpiece."

NORDIC PANORAMA FILM FESTIVALs jurys motivering då regissören CSABA BENE PERLENBERG blev den första regissören någonsin att ta emot det helt nyinstiftade NEW NORDIC VOICES AWARD för sin film "VÄSENPUMPEN" / "THE WALK" på kvällen den 25:e september 2007, Oulu, Finland.

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