måndag, september 24, 2007

väsenpumpen vinner 2 priser!

i lördags kväll belönades "VÄSENPUMPEN" (på engelska "THE WALK") med två priser vid 4th. CINEFEST i MISKOLC, UNGERN. filmen vann i följande två kategorier:

Main Prize of the Long Feature Film Category

Prize of the Critics

jag hade tyvärr inte möjlighet att närvara vid utdelningen då jag var på väg till NORDIC PANORAMA i OULU, FINLAND. dock skickade jag med ett uttalande som kan läsas här nedanför.

Dear Jury, Participants and Festival Committee,

Standing at Helsinki Airport, on my way to the Nordic Panorama Film Festival in Oulu, Finland, I was reached by word from Miskolc that our film "The Walk" had been awarded these amazing prizes from the 4th. Cinefest. With the risk of sounding like I am using clichés, I am deeply, deeply, DEEPLY honoured and humbled by Your kind gesture.

When I first started planning for the production of "The Walk", there were some people who said that this film couldn´t be done. They urged me to do it in several sequences, with several cuts, and to use a screenplay as a basis. We had an extremely small production budget. They said that it was too difficult, and that it would be problematic if we couldn´t make it work. Only a handful of very brave people choosed to believe in it - and see it all through.

Today, You have proved them all wrong. Today, You gave attention to the amazing efforts of the two actors Anders Granstrom and Lars-Erik Berenett, who I believe are doing the strongest achievements of their acting careers. But You also give appreciation for the fact that no matter what, it is important to go forward with your idea. That it is okay to be experimental, and that it is an artistic necessity to take risks. We must always go forward, even when we are telling stories of the past. The kinetic movement within a single frame, however still it stands, still points towards a forward motion.

I hope that our film has inspired You to move forward with Your own risk-taking!

Again - thank You so much for Your appreciation of "The Walk" and I hope to see each and every one of you at the 5th Cinefest!


Csaba Bene Perlenberg, Oulu, Finland, September 22nd, 2007

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