måndag, december 24, 2007

the wonder of christmas arrives just in time to really matter

fortynine minutes into the twelfth month's twentyfourth day, and Christmas arrives early. the basic structure to round of my second act presents itself to me in the form of an epiphany as I, rather mesmerized, slowly return from the magic that is DAVID CRONENBERG, and VIGGO MORTENSEN'S Oscar-worthy portrayal of a Russian mobster in "EASTERN PROMISES". the answer to my questions has somewhat eluded me in the last couple of days, burdening me with the intricacies of my narrative. there´s still a couple of kinks to work out, for sure. but for now... why waist more wrapping paper than what´s necessary? sometimes things are just... THERE. in plain sight. dare to have a look-se...

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