fredag, juni 13, 2008

IK5 - madame tutli-pupli and john lennon from the grave and beyond

freshly out from the "IK5" screening, which is the fifth block of the international short films here in GRIMSTAD, I am truly happy that the amazing and wonderful "MADAME TUTLI-PUPLI" by CHRIS LAVIS and MACIEK SZCERBOWSKI is not a part of the UIP PRIX competition here at the festival (a competition which me and my film "87" are in, though). because if it had been, me and my film would have been truly gut-fucked. the distinguished and meticulous care that has gone into this pure gem of a film is truly breathaking, and I´m really moved that the filmmakers has managed to make a puppet film seem this much alive (more so, actually, than some of the other films in the same block...). and, behold the wonders of YOUTUBE-NATION, I am able to direct each and every one of you to these following windows of cinematic genius:

the first part of the film can be seen here:

while the continuation of it can be found here:

another film which caught my eye and heart is the curiosly documentary feeling of the animated "I MET THE WALRUS", by JOSH RASKIN. based on a real life recording by then 14-year old JERRY LEVITAN in 1969, this energetic and lovely film can be seen here:

come to think of it, it is a little interesting that of the eight films shown in this block, the two that I chose to write about in this blog entry are both animated or non-live-action films (plus, the fact is that both films are CANADIAN). with it comes a moment to pause, and think. cue: reality check.

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