fredag, december 15, 2006

soundbyte extraordinaire

it’s hard to believe 3 months has passed by so quickly. nevertheless, here are a couple of samples of the clear and present rhetoric brilliance of some of the faculty-members of the PCFE FILM SCHOOL, uttered somewhere along the lines of fall term 2006. anonymity is a given.

"We´ve got 36 enormous ego´s here. Work it out."

"... and if there´s anything in the production we don´t want to do?"

- Grow up."

"The inverse square law of light intensity are the physics and maths of the natural modulation of light."

"You´re just a general symbol of a sorry generation, Mr. Frager."

"Getting forgiveness is easier than getting permission".

"Stepping in cowshit doesn´t make you a veterenarian. But it´s a good start."

"Learn of other peoples mistakes ´cause you wont live long enough to make all of them yourself. Hopefully."

"Speak up, or forever be in the back of the line."

"Treat the audiences time with respect."

"Everyone can write, everyone can read. But not everyone is poet. That is our task."

"We have to send our message in a way that it will create a specific consciousness."

"To be a good cinematographer, you have to have good nerves, good health, but above all, good imagination."

"... this is the bread and butter of being a cinematographer."

"A first impression is NOT your vision. Get over it."

"Film narrative doesn´t know of any other time than it´s own time."

"Melodrama has been relegated to the dustbin of cinema respect."

"We do not compromise. ... Until we have to compromise."

"Don´t mock the man, because you´re rocking in the same boat."

"Errors and mistakes are a gift of God."

"Could you guys please focus in the brief moment of mortal anguish we still have left in our lives?"

"It´s so simple, it´s incredibly complex."

"Not every resistor is as perfect as God made them."

"The 180 degree rule is a kindergarten rule."

"Human beings are not linear."

"Just because no one understands what you´re talking about, doesn´t make you an artist."

I think what limits your creative potential is being full of yourself.

Normally, we don´t associate rich, educated, intellectual persons with thuggish manners. Except certain professors at this school, that is.

Hitchcock is not, by birth anyway, an American director.

In a movie that´s 90 minutes or longer, there´s a million opportunities to fuck up.

The director is the first audience member.

A director´s nightmare? Knowing something is phony, but not knowing that to do about it.

Moving mastershots are shots of your choice.

What does guilt look like?

We engage or we abondon – it´s primal.

Being an actor is like acting alone. In public.

Depth of thought is money.

If the director is on the set, you shut the fuck up. Period.

Thank you for that crude display of vulgar humour.

Don´t say ´this is obvious. Don´t make assumptions. Don´t limit yourself.

It´s called film school, not tape school.