fredag, september 26, 2008

AICN continues the love for "let the right one in"

AIN`T IT COOL NEWS continues the love-fest for the Swedish film "LET THE RIGHT ONE IN" ("LÅT DEN RÄTTE KOMMA IN"), by stating that: "It genuinely is one of the best movies in any language on any subject made this year" and stating a resound "FUCK NO!!!" to the idea of a US remake by MATT REEVES ("CLOVERFIELD") - or any other filmmaker as well, for that matter.

I strongly believe that this time right now, with Swedish films such as "LET THE RIGHT ONE IN" ("LÅT DEN RÄTTE KOMMA IN"), "WOLF" ("VARG") and "EVERLASTING MOMENTS" ("MARIA LARSSONS EVIGA ÖGONBLICK") heralds a new dawn for Swedish cinema. hell, even the two "ARN"-films ("THE KNIGHT TEMPLAR") in terms of film-making technique is impressive. let´s keep our fingers crossed - the last time the industry got excited and started talking about a new "golden age" for Swedish cinema was when LUKAS MOODYSON and JOSEF FARES started making their first films. that "golden age" didn´t last very long, either. if there ever was one. this time, it atleast feels that the reason people are getting excited isn´t because there´s a bunch of young directors shooting on crappy handheld-camera systems, doing rebellious films - but because solid professionals are making grand, epic, larger-than-life-films. some bad, some amazingly great. they´ve realized the importance of style and, most importantly, genre.

we´re living in pretty extraordinary times.

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