fredag, januari 19, 2007

thank you james broughton

in some ways, JAMES BROUGHTON became my HERMY, at a time when I needed Him the most; at an intersection of possibilities and misgievings, I rolled over and looked down into myself, and felt a shiver down my eyeball. his auto-biography "COMING UNBOTTONED" (a Christmas present from my Mother, resting safely and quite unread in the corner of my bookshelf, on the middle shelf either from the top or bottom, for over a year now - that is, the book, not my Mother) slowly made it´s way into my mind and heart. having felt quite out of reach of my everyday hybris, what needed to be said was said by JAMES; what I needed to hear was made clear.
having been asleep for over eight years now, his poetics still linger on; impacting those who he did not know. no other testimony of soul has ever meant as much to me; his careless and humorous attitude towards oneself, one´s art and destiny, that of an impeccable humour and vigour, is an assuring one at that. it feels good, from time to time in these days of fiscal-struck mindsets and independant-hostile production invironment, to be reminded of the obvious; poetics and the cinematic language has an unquestionable dependancy upon eachother.

JAMES BROUGHTON must, if not someday forgotten, be remembered.

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